Company Rules

Rules to be followed when you are in the Organization

All organizations have specified rules and regulations. It should be followed by an organization.

  • Employees should be in proper dress code every day when comes to the office.
  • Employees should be friendly with everyone they are working with.
  • Employees must be work-friendly with everyone as it will help you and your team to grow.
  • Employees must have to manage the time yourself to give the best results.
  • If someone wants to change the team you have to write to the management team with proper reason and details.
  • If someone finds to interfere in the work of other teamwork so management will take proper action.
  • If you are working under the senior you have to follow the rules as the senior told. You also have the option to complain to higher authorities through the mail.

You all working in the organization have to follow all the rules as mentioned above. It will help you to grow with the organization grows.