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Realmaker, the trusted real estate company in Indore. The real estate landscape in Central India is undergoing a noteworthy shift, fueled by an increasing demand for investment, housing, office spaces, and retail properties. This upswing is a result of urbanization, rising incomes, and favorable government policies, creating a perfect time to form a collaborative business partnership.

By joining forces with us, you gain access to a broad portfolio of projects, receive personalized assistance, comprehensive support, and access to diversified resources. Seize the chance to shape the future of real estate and reap the rewards that come with it.

Benefits of Partners

+ Year of Experience

+ Projects

+ Properties Sold

+ Team Members


There are many benefits to become a realmaker channel partner. Such as

● Earning a lucrative incentive on all sales you generate
● access to Realmaker marketing materials and training.
● Working with the seasoned professionals at Realmaker
● Build your own real estate business.
As a Realmaker channel partner, you have the opportunity to offer Realmaker's real estate services to your clients. Earn attractive incentives for every sale you generate and access Realmaker's marketing materials and training. Collaborate with Realmaker's team of seasoned professionals to efficiently close deals and establish your own successful real estate business.


Click here and fill the form with valid contact details. Our team will get in touch with you to verify your business information. Once all the application formalities are completed you will become an eligible realmaker channel partner.


The incentive structure for realmaker channel partners is based on the type of property sold. Channel partners will receive a fixed amount of the area/size of each property they sell.

The commission rate will vary depending on the type of property and the area/size of the property. For example, channel partners may receive a higher incentive rate for selling a high-value property than for selling a lower-value property.


Upon the generation of a lead by a channel partner, a dedicated channel sales representative will be assigned. This representative will collaborate with the channel partner to successfully conclude the sale.

While the sales process may differ based on the client and property, the sales representative will collaborate with the channel partner to comprehend the client's requirements and identify the most suitable property for them.

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